Hale , an Austrian company produces the unmistakable Rear View Taxi Meter
SPT-01 HALE mirror taximeter SPT-01
which is completely integrated in the rear view mirror of the
taxi - is worldwide unique. This offers many advantages to the user and sets new paces in electronic
design and distribution for the whole taximeter market. Furthermore this integration solution saves
mounting space and offers better mounting possibilities for other necessary products which is not
always easy in the modern vehicle.



The perfect solution!    Clear the dash.

perfect integration
the displayed fare can be seen very clearly from every seat
automatic luminosity of the meter display and the mirror glass
when switched off, the meter is invisible

The taximeter is integrated into the original rear view mirror housing of Mercedes Benz, Audi, VW,
Vauxhall or BMW. Although first produced for these vehicles, we are able to install this meter in all
The meter can be used with Hales accounting system, which has a key to download meter

This meter is EEC approved but not PCO approved so it is not permissible to use in a few areas within
the UK which have not come into line with the EEC.

Model Info

                                            Vectra C with rain sensor

Larger Image    Meter Conversion                         

We've Overcome the Drawback with this Meter

A drawback to this meter is that although there is a universal meter, there are also different models for
different vehicles. This means that if you purchase a specialized meter and you change your vehicle, it
may not fit the new one. There are ways that we can over come this for you, one, by converting meters,
this picture shows a Mercedes meter that we converted and installed in an Avensis or instead of purchasing
a meter you could hire one from us at our new low rates for Mirror Meters and let us worry about supplying
a suitable Mirror Meter for your vehicle. ........ Visit our shopping centre for details.

............ more information on models and makes for specialisted meters........


This Hale taximeter is part of a flexible modular taxi management system, offering a lot of advantages for its
users: individual modules can be combined as desired, making it easy to expand the system at a latter date.

The Housing

* with a depth of only 17,5 mm the microtax is still the slimmest taximeter on the market
* housing has smaller measurements than a usual radio display, taximeter housing: 160x57x17,5mm (WxHxD);
   usual radio display: 186x58x15-18mm (WxHxD).
* by using high quality, resistant plastic the weight could be reduced to a minimum of 145 g
* multiple installation options save time and cut costs

The Design

* fully integrated Clicktouch®- function keys provide ease of operation
* high luminance LED-Display guarantees perfect legibility under all conditions
* separate displays for fare and extras
* connection terminal allows the access to all pins and connections (trade-mark protection pending)
* flexible mounting brackets for individual adjustment of viewing angle

The Performance

* integrated tachograph, for about 800 trip features and up to 31 shifts
* 32 tariffs guarantee a more flexible tariff organization
* automatic tariff switching according to time, date, distance or fare
* Current and future tariff programmable, tariff changes automatically on fixed day
* Second tariff data memory for a rapid, easy tariff modifications
* OFF-Mode saves power and battery
* 14 shift totalizers and 14 password protected owner totalizers, display and print either with 3, 4 or 5 digits,
some totalizers can  be erased or switched off * Automatic holiday calendar until 2040 (also for religious
holidays), automatic switch from summer to wintertime, regional holidays taken into consideration
* EURO-functions: currency conversion (national currency - € - national currency), €-LED integrated, automatic
switch to EURO    tariff by usage of second tariff memory, second currency printed on taxi receipt
* Roof sign indication: Digit in the 'EXTRAS' display indicates whether roof sign is switched on or off, or whether
roof sign lamps are defect
* Transfer of trip record for data radio via serial interface.
* Selection of VAT-rate, VAT-rate 1, VAT-rate 2 or VAT = 0 %.

The Options

* CEY-system
* printer
* magnetic-card reader
* seat sensors
* time signal receiver DCF-477 (Europe)
* mobile data system

The CEY-system        

* extension of microtax®05 with the Cey-Contact offers a sensational and affordable accounting
system (CEY-System)
* handy CEYs with integrated storage chip
* simple start and end of the shift with the driver-CEY
* owner-CEY protects your data from unauthorized access
* transfer of shift- and trip data from taximeter to CEY and from CEY to PC
* data can be exploited with the PC (accounting of driver- owner data, overview of shift, ... )
* PC-software Cab Assistant, developed by HALE according to the needs of the taxi business.
The complete system at first hand.

The printers      

  Thermo Paper Printer TPD-01   
Normal Paper Printer NPD-01



  • Designed in surprising dimensions: 160 x 57x22 mm (W x H x D), weight: 250 g
  • Use of normal paper with or without copy, paper width: 57 mm
  • Printout of receipts, credit card vouchers, management reports, shift reports
  • Interfaces for HALE microtax, magnetic card swipe, PC; free interfaces
  • 28 characters per line, different font sizes


  • fast and precise thermo printer
  • prints taxi receipts with your company logo
  • printout of receipts, management reports, shift reports, trip data
  • very precise printout: 28 char/line, 576 dots/line = 300 dpi
  • printout in approx. 2,5 seconds*
  • paper width: 58 mm
  • end of paper detection through visible paper roll
  • direct programming of header, footer, and logo via PC
  • technical outstanding
  • less current consumption because of autosleep and wake up
  • optimal printing quaility because of ambient temperature compensation
  • secured printer head
  • 3-coloured LED status display:
    • green: ready for printing
    • orange: datat transfer / printing
    • red: end of paper
    • dark: autosleep mode



Hales Taxi Accounting Software is a simple, very affordable method of controlling company vehicles
and/or owner / driver vehicles for calculating office dues and collating account jobs. Every job is
automatically recorded, even the times the meter is turned off and on is recored. Distance is also
recorded for occupied and unoccupied journeys.

Both the SPT-01 HALE mirror taximeters SPT-01 and Microtax®-05 meters can be mixed in the system. Hale has obtained a poor name for not only obtaining meter suppies but also backup service in the UK
in the past because of poor links with the company. The products are well engineered and designed
and we are now fully supporting their products by dealing directly with Hale in Austria.
You can use our Tariff Tables to produce or check your tariffs.