Door Signs and Vehicle Graphics & How to Apply Them
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This is best done when the temperature is above about 10 ° c - 15 ° c. You can apply them in colder weather but it is harder to get them to stick onto the vehicle. In very cold weather, you could heat up the area on the vehicle with a heat gun / hair drier.


Clean the area the door sign is going to be applied to. You can use soap and water normally.

Spray some slightly soapy water on the area when clean. We use 2 or 3 drops of washing up liquid (cheap one) in 1 litre of water for heavy / wide lettering but for thin letters, its best to use just water.

With the door sign facing down, on a flat surface, paper side up, pull back the paper off the letters. We spray the same soapy water on the letters as we pull off the paper, especially if you are out side and the wind may fold over the sheet.

This will stop it sticking to itself if you go wrong.






Place the graphics on the vehicle. You can line it up as you have sprayed the vehicle and the lettering.







When in position squeegee all the water & air out, starting in the middle, you could use something like a credit card if you haven’t got a squeegee.



Carefully peel back the backing paper, this is when you will find out if you have used too much soap, they will not stick!

If you find that letters are coming off, use the edge of the squeegee to hold the edge of the letters to stop them moving, as you pull back the backing paper.

Another way of doing it if you have plenty of time is, before you try taking off the backing paper, heavily spray the backing paper with soapy water and leave it some 10 to 15 minutes. In a lot of cases the backing paper will come off with little effort.
If you are using thin letters and you have used too much soap making the letters slid about and not stay on, do not use this method as once the backing paper has lost the ability to hold the letters in place, they will just drop off all over the place as you take the paper off.


You may have to use the squeegee to get out any air bubbles if you did not squeegee them out earlier.


If all the text was the same size as the top line here, use soap in the water, but if you used soap on the middle line of thin letters, you will struggle to keep the text on the vehicle when you take off the backing paper. Only use water. For mixed text like this sign, its best to use just water.




Although it may seem hard, the use of weak soapy water is a 'life saver' as it helps you get things right. Some sign shops put vinyl on dry but then once the sign is on, you cannot move it around. It also helps get the air bubbles out. Putting it on dry will make it impossible to get the air bubbles out without using a pin.