Typical Cost of Equipment for a Taxi / Private Hire company


Vehicle Mounted Radio from £198.00 or hire from £2.95 per week

Aerials for vehicles.
Best for better performance. High Gain ( High Band) £20
Short Zero Gain £16
Mag Mount which is not the best performer from £12

Typical Installation Charge £28

Standard Basestation for office without car to car talkthrough from £412.00 or hire from £4.75 per week


Talkthrough Basestation which provides vehicle to vehicle contact from £1000 or £9.75 per week


Remote RF link Repeater Basestation ( same as talkthrough ) with Office Link ( same as Standard )

Basestation Aerial System £100 - £350

Low cost ' under tile aerial system ' this is used for places that are not permitted to put up an aerial. £100


High Gain, High Band, quality Aerial System on typical 2 story building from £350


Taxi Meters ( quality ) from £185 or hire from £1.99 per week

Typical Installation Charge £28

Use the Cars for Free Advertising.

Stick on vinyl door signs from £6 each
Magnetic door signs from £12 each
If the drivers want to use their vehicles without doorsigns for private use, its an advantage to you if they have normal stick on vinyl signs and then use blank magnetic signs the colour of their vehicle to put over them while using it privately.
They do more miles working for you so the chances of loosing magnetic signs are reduced. They may not be bothered to cover up the signs so its more free advertising for you.