Cygnus Taxi Meters

Cygnus Automotive has firmly established itself as a centre for excellence in the automotive electronics industry, through a long-standing reputation for high quality precision electronics together with a second-to-none product reliability. The very best of firmware/ software is produced in house by our dedicated research and development team.

Cygnus Automotive was established in 1989 as a high-technology electronics design and manufacturing company specialising in products for the world-wide Taxi market. Currently the company manufactures a product portfolio of taximeters, one of which, the LTI300 was fitted as original equipment in the London Taxis International black cab from March 1995. At the beginning of 2000 that role was given to our most advanced model of taximeter, the LTI400. Other products include the electronic control system, known as the IDDS (Intelligent Drive Detection System) that has been fitted to the London Taxis FX and TX range of vehicles. The system provides many diverse functions such as, automatic rear door safety locking, taximeter distance signal, auto gearbox kick-down inhibit and rear door open warning.

Cygnus have invested heavily in design and in house engineering, in order to make certain that their products are of the highest quality. Cygnus is driven by the requirement for durable, quality products that are continuously being improved.


MR400 Taximeter, voted best UK taximeter for the sixth year running

-Full alphanumeric display with plain language messages
-Highly accurate internal clock
-Automatic daylight saving times
-Full calendar clock control
-Highly flexible tariff system
-Time of day, day of week, special holiday dates - all catered for
-Optional manual over-ride
-Comprehensive totals management
-Multi-driver log-on (optional)
-All totals can be reset (optional passwords)
-Brightness control
-Alarm clock feature
-Speed alarms (2) - gives audible alarm when preset speed is exceeded
-Pulse check mode (Without Breaking Seals) -Maximum Speed Indication
-Auto disable - can be set to ‘shut down’ at a preset date
-Audible sounder (can be turned off)
-Integral lamp drives (21Watts x 2, 12Watts x 4)
·Printer compatible
-Flexible sealing options
-’Clip-on’ mounting bracket / wiring harness
-Voltage: 12V Nominal (9V-16V)
-Temperature Range: -10° C to +85°C (Operating) -40°C to +85° C (Storage)
-Power consumption (excluding external lamps or signs): 180mA typical
- Size: 187mm x 59mm x 30mm




You can use our Tariff Tables to produce or check your tariffs.

MR320 Taximeter is a cut down version of the famous MR400 meter. It has reduced software features
as well as a smaller case. Mainly designed to replace the MR100/MR200/MR300 series meters as a plug in
replacement into the same fittings as customers wanted to upgrade to the later calendar configurations.

Flexible tariff capabilities
Highly accurate internal clock
Automatic daylight saving times.
Full calendar clock control (optional)


Highly flexible tariff system
Time of day, day of week, special holiday dates - all catered for
Optional manual over-ride Two
sets of management totals (Can be reset)
Brightness control
Alarm clock feature
Speed alarms (2) - gives audible alarm when preset speed is exceeded
Pulse check mode (Without Breaking Seals)
Auto disable - can be set to ‘shut down’ at a preset date
Audible sounder (can be turned off)
Integral lamp drives (21Watts x 2)
Flexible sealing options
Printer compatible
Simple installation and no maintenance
User Friendly
Engineered and built in the UK
Size 180 x 50 x 31mm
Mass: 350g
Voltage: 12V Nominal (9V-16V)
Temperature Range: -10° C to +85°C (Operating) -40°C to +85° C (Storage)
Power consumption (excluding external lamps or signs): 190mA (typical)
Standby power consumption 40mA
Supply fuse rating: 10A



same specification as the MR320 but with a blue display.


PT73 Thermal Printer

Fast thermal line head printer for producing receipts and taximeter totals printout. For use with the Cygnus
MR300, MR400, LTI400, MR320 Taximeters & soon the DH200 Datahead. Enables drivers to issue receipts
and swipe magnetic cards for credit card transactions, giving more flexibility for your business.

Features include:

Number of columns – 32
Print speed (typical) - 5 lines/sec, 15mm/sec
Paper width - 57.5mm (2.25)
Data interface - Serial RS-232/V.24 & RS-485
Baud rate – 9600
Buffer - 4k bytes (nominal)
Exceptional reliability MCBF - 15 000 000 Lines
Sensors - Paper load
Dimensions - 104x 158 x 82mm, (4.1 x 6.25 x 3.25)
Weight -340g (12oz) inc 48mm roll