Vinyl Stick On

Cut & Stick Vinyl

These can be provided in two types, one where the letters are cut out of a sheet of vinyl so they come pre spaced.

The body colour of the vehicle shows through in between the letters when they are stuck on the vehicle.

They can be taken off at any time with a little heat from hair dryer and any glue left on the panel is best taken off with white spirits. You can not use them again once taken off.


Printed Stick On Vinyl Letters

Another version of this type is when solid colours are not required for the letters but a pattern or blend of colours are required.

The letters are printed on a sheet of vinyl, the machine cuts around the letters so you end up with some fancy coloured letters which when applied to the vehicle, the body colour shows through in between the letters. If you require solid colours, use coloured cut vinyl as this lasts longer than printed vinyl.


The second version is where the cut out letters are stuck onto a background piece of vinyl before being put on the vehicle.(You could apply a rectangle plain piece first and then stick on the letters).

All that goes on the vehicle is one piece of vinyl. The letters have a solid back ground of a different colour to the car body colour.



A different version of this one is to print directly onto the sheet of vinyl. It is then possible to produce full colour door signs with complex logos, shadows and pictures mixed in with text if required.



Magnetic Door Signs


Magnetic door signs use a magnet substrate under the vinyl to adhere to the vehicle. This comes in different levels of magnetism and so you might get caught out with a good price for a pair of door signs but the sign makers have used a poor magnetic substrate for increased profit. They may adhere to the door when they are in perfect condition but it will not take much to dislodge them on the move.

The substrate is normally manufactured in a white gloss finish which is OK if you required a white back ground but the material is also available with no finish which is used for coloured back grounds. Some sign makers will only stock the white gloss finish so when you ask for a coloured background, they just cover the white gloss with whatever colour you want. This may look just what you want but the door signs have been increased in thickness and worst of all, weight will help dislodge them when you are on the move.

There are two main problems with magnetic signs that you have to watch out for.

If you leave them on the vehicle for many months without removal, they will collect moisture and dirt under them which will mark and in some cases deeply discolour the paint work that will be hard to rectify.
The other problem is that the reason why you want these signs was to take them off and on but very few people will look after them when they are off. These signs take up the shape of what ever they are put on so throwing them down in the boot on top of this & that will soon make them change into a different shape. The next time you put them on they will not fit correctly and if a front corner is bent up, as soon as you pick up any speed with the vehicle, the wind will whip it off. The sign makers rub their hands as you then have to purchase another one.

If you want magnetic signs so that when you are using the vehicle for private use, you are not advertising the taxi firm you work for, there is another way of achieving this that some do not think of.
Have some lower cost cut and stick vinyl signs put on your door. These can be taken off with a little heat when you sell the car, they wont come off with the wind!. Have some plain magnetic signs made up that match the colour of your vehicle, that's with no text.
When you use your vehicle privately, just cover up the door signs with your magnetic blanks.

Your are certain to do a lot less mileage privately so the chance of the magnetic signs coming off and you having to purchase new ones is a great deal less.


How to apply vehicle doorsigns and graphics.



Both these files are large ..... dialers beware .....

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