In Cab GPS Navigation & Speed Detection

** NEW **

INFORAD The 3rd generation radar warning system: Inforad V3

Save points on your licence by keeping one of these on your dash ..........

Appearance: Small, round and lightweight, the V3 can be held in the palm of your hand. Its metallic jade colour discretely harmonises with all dashboards. It has two large buttons on the upper front and a translucent smoke façade that elegantly hides five tricolour luminous diodes.
Technical features: the V3 is quite naturally fully compatible with its predecessors, yet proudly displays its modernity.



  • no installation is required but you can hard wire the unit in
  • fast start-up (10 to 15 seconds)
  • speed controller
  • route recorder
  •  melodies  with a clear tone adapted to each type of warning
  •  volume control for sound alarms
  • luminous blinking adapted to each type of warning 
  • anti-theft security system

    Using INFORAD Auto V3

INFORAD signals the presence of fixed radar and risk zones.
An indispensable partner for every driver, this small unit placed on your dashboard will help you avoid speeding, conserve points on your driving permit and increase your safety.
INFORAD is reliable and effective.
Thanks to the GPS system, INFORAD constantly knows your vehicle’s position and its processor compares this position with risk zones contained in its database. As soon as you enter a dangerous zone, controlled by a radar or not, INFORAD tells you immediately using simple and understandable warning lights and sound signals.
INFORAD is also a true GPS
Thanks to its NMEA-0183 v2.0 compatibility, once connected using the supplied cable, INFORAD lets you use navigation software like Autoroute Express™, TomTom Navigator™, Route 66™, etc. while continuing to protect you effectively.

INFORAD’s other features.

Easy to position in all vehicles including transport lorries (12/24 volts)
Automatic updates of the database (PC + Internet connection)

  • Free subscription to updates
  • Everyone can enter his own personal risk zones in the database
  • “Speed controller” function for safety and ability to memorise your route (configurable recorder)
  • The V3 can be customised like cell phones; the V3 has six interchangeable coloured cases: ("Elegance" beige, "Big Blue" blue, "Titanium" grey, "Sport" black, "Chippie" pink, "F1" red)
  • 2-year carry-in warranty
  • 6Choice of accessories: several accessories are now available for sale .

New Inforad Manager 3 software has been developed specifically to take full advantage of the V3’s capabilities. It includes in particular a unique function for this type of product: an interactive learning zone to help users better understand how their V3 operates.


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TOM TOM ONE .. the best buy GPS mapping unit for the taxi operator for the money. The latest ' plug and go ' satellite car navigation system that can also be used handheld with 2 hours battery life.

Ours comes complete with speed camera and red light camera locations preloaded free by us!! You don't pay another penny. It warns you before you get there! We set up these units so you just plug in and switch on.
Its set up to warn you 300 yards before a fixed speed camera point or a red light camera.

Easy to use touch screen, crystal clear accurate 3D viewing, even in direct sunlight and at night. Spoken directions as you drive. Very fast to put in addresses / post code making it perfect for delivery services & taxi drivers. Ready for online services via Bluetooth if you want to pay more for traffic news.

This new unit is better than any other earlier Tom Toms at picking up signals because of the latest circuitry used. If you have a metalised windscreen on your vehicle, you will need an aerial. (on any dash mounted unit)


TomTom Go 700 specification
GO 700
TomTom Go 510 specification
GO 510
TomTom Go 710 specification GO 710
TomTom Go 910 specification GO 910
Dimensions (b x h x d in mm) 115 x 92 x 58 112 x 81 x 66 112 x 81 x 66 112 x 81 x 66
Weight 310 gram 300 gram 300 gram 340 gram
Screen (touchscreen) 3,5 inch, 320 x 240 TFT, 4.096 colors 4 inch, 480 x 272 TFT,
64.000 colours
4 inch, 480 x 272 TFT,
64.000 colours
4 inch, 480 x 272 TFT,
64.000 colours
Memory 64 MB 64 MB 64 MB 64 MB
Storage Hard Drive
HDD (2,5GB)
SD-card SD-card Hard Drive
HDD (20GB, >10GB free)
Maps Pre-installed maps of whole European region on HDD Full maps of the UK and major roads of Western Europe Maps of whole Western Europe on SD-cart Maps of Europe, USA and Canada on HDD
TomTom PLUS ready Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in Bluetooth transceiver Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hands-free phone capability Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enhanced GPS receiver Yes (SiRF Star II/LP) Yes (SiRF Star III) Yes (SiRF Star III) Yes (SiRF Star III)
Built-in loudspeaker Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in microphone Yes (in mount) Yes Yes Yes
Lightsensor No Yes Yes Yes
Rechargeable battery Yes (± 5 h) Yes (± 4 h) Yes (± 4 h) Yes (± 4 h)
Play MP3 No No No Yes
Text-to-speech No No No Yes
View JPG, BMP No No No Yes
USB Yes (2.0) No (2.0 on dock) No (2.0 on dock) No (2.0 on dock)
Audio out No Yes Yes Yes
External antenna connection Accessory Yes Yes Yes
iPod connection No Yes Yes Yes
Home dock No Yes Yes Yes
Remote control Yes Accessory Accessory Yes
External microphone Accessory Yes Yes Yes
Cigarette lighter charger/adapter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power cable Yes No (docking station) No (docking station) No (docking station)



Blaupunkt Travel Pilot DX-V

Using the latest in GPS Navigation Technology, available with optional remote control. Automatic road names, voice and moving map modes.
Can drive to a postcode, address or house number. Comes complete with a remote control High-end navigation system with removable 6.5-inch TFT colour display in 16:9 format (wide screen) and infrared remote control. Helps you to avoid tailbacks: Fully-automatic, RDS/*TMC-based dynamic route guidance (*only in countries where TMC data is available free of charge and with a TMC ready CD)


Route guidance via natural speech and exact symbols
Route options: 1) Short,  2) Quick, 3) Dynamic, 4) Avoid Motorway/ferry/toll
Traffic jam function
Arrival time indicator
Destination memory of 12 locations
Three different view settings
1) Full Colour Map
2) Clear Arrow
3) Split Screen - Arrow overlayed by full colour Map
On board Computer Functions
Calculates and displays:
Arrival time
Remaining distance left to travel
Current speed
Distance already traveled
Total journey time
Average speed

Easy to remove monitor
Adjustable height, contrast and brightness of monitor
Steering wheel remote control (special accessory)

This unit is fixed to the vehicle and is not as easy to be stolen as hand held units. Because it is fixed to the vehicle, it picks up signals from the car which provides the added advantage of continuous plotting even when the unit has lost its satellite signals.