Magic Wallet

This is a fast way to put your notes away safely.
For those that don't know how it works,you open the wallet from any side, place a loose note in it and then briefly open and close the other side.
The note ends up behind the elastic straps,
this is why its called a 'magic wallet'
If you use a large black coin holder,
there is a slot to hold the wallet

Blue Coin Holder

This is a lightweight coin holder and although it has a clip on one side,
it is not strong enough to clip on the inside of a door with a wide panel. They have modified the orginal clip because of this. The unit is suitable for slipping into your pocket when you leave your vehicle. Although you can only see 4 positions for coins on the top, there is another set underneath.

Black Coin Holder


This old favourite black coin holder can hold a wallet for notes and a pen as well as your coins.
Many use it on the inside of the drivers door where it is easy to operate.
It comes with a bracket that you can screw onto a vertical surface in a mini bus or London black cab type of vehicle. No, you wouldn't be able to get this into your pocket.

Bum Bags

Some would rather use a bum bag to dig around for the change.
This has many compartments so you can organise your money.