So you want to know how to start and run a Taxi Business without planning permission.

You can use the planning system to your advantage to get you going in a place that you would not normally get planning permission for and then, when you know things are going well, take your time to select a good site for an office and apply for planning permission.

To do it this way, decide where you are going to operate and start operating. Go to the councils planning department and obtain the forms you need for planning permission. You could leave this until somebody complains about you and the council informs you that planning consent is required but it is safer not to wait.
Either way, fill in the forms and apply, it will cost you the application fee. It could take up to two months to go before the planning committee but you know it’s going to be rejected.

You receive their rejection but now you put in an appeal to the Secretary of State against the decision, it does not cost any money at all, the council will even give you the forms or point you in the right direction for you to do this. You can even ask for a public enquiry and while this is going on, the council cannot stop you. It could take over a year to go through, but a word of warning, do this all BEFORE the council put an enforcement notice on you to stop the activity. After being rejected, the planning will give you a short time to stop operating from there. If you leave it until after they have given you an enforcement notice, the appeal will cost you money.

One other thing how we have helped people out is when you are not allowed to erect a radio aerial on a building, many because the owners don't want you to.
If you mount a vehicle aerial on the edge of a flat sheet of metal, this can be pushed under a tile on the top of the roof with the whip standing up clear of it and so long as nobody sees you put it up, it would be unlikely anybody would ever notice the thin whip sticking up. Try and hide the coax coming down the roof or take it into the roof under a tile and then onto the operating position.


Over the past thirty years, this information from us has helped many but we take no responsibility what so ever for any of your actions.