PLATE HOLDERS for No Hole Fixing of Licence Plates





MOGO The leading ' No Holes' plate holder system provides a range of holders to cover 
nearly all vehicles and plate sizes. These strong, clear plastic brackets are easy to fit in 
a few minutes. 
See how easy they are to fit ( broadbanders ok ... dial uppers beware large ish files )
See which plate holder you need What makes them good! Constructed of strong clear plastic so they can be installed 'every which way' The range of holders covers nearly every make and model of vehicle. Installed in just a few minutes ........ no holes need to be drilled.







VIP plate holders are another alternative type of holder made of strong black plastic This is a disadvantage because it can not be
installed where it covers up the number plate lights which is the case on a lot of vehicles. There are only two types, a flat drop down
plate or the standard version which can be cut down to reduce the offset distance..


  Take off the number plate
  Fix the plate on the back of the number plate with the tape provided
  Fix the taxi plate on with double sided tape or nuts & bolts
  Screw the number plate back on the vehicle